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D.P.A. 2011 SEM 4

I think I should start writing this, so that I won't be so hectic in writing all the things at the same time.
Well, this semester started with an life easy going way, all seems easy, enjoy and no rushing.
But at the end, is a MESS =.=|||
In these 3 months, there are many conflicts between people and me, and also between myself.
No matter how good or bad you treated me, I want to thanks everyone for making me grown up.
I learned many communication skills. I started to know who and what need to be IGNORE or LET IT GO. Who and what I need to CARE and pay much time on it.
I can't holding so many things or peoples at the same time. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. I apologize.

This semester started with welcoming our new batch JUNIOR.
It's fun that you have a batch to teach and bully.
Words for juniors: Be supportive to seniors, can't imagine that half of you guys skipped senior's presentation. Don't think your whatever assignments and presentations are so important. We the seniors, went to see your presentations when we are having video presentation right after you guys' presentation, we should be rushing to edit our video, but we went to see you guys! Hope that you all can grow up at one day :)
And in the welcoming juniors Open Space.
Me and Belle performed a comedy and dance piece, LIFE IA A CABERET.

Our member have reach to around 100 people after this recruitment.
It's amazing cause this is only the second year for SUN-U Choir.
I'm quite happy but yet stress.

Then SUN-U Choir went for ANZCA FESTIVAL to participate a choir competition.
We didn't get any prize but we get to see many good choir groups' performances.
Thanks those members who contributed their time, money and spirit in this competition, I'm proud of everyone.

Then some of us from choir helped Keilly's Student Council to make a FLASHMOB in University.
It's fun and great! Although the time is short but we manage to get applause from the students.
Then the ASTRO 813 Channel for Merdeka Day come and shoot us, it's fun to be in front of the camera. Haha XD
I'm the star!

《回家》. 人在诞生于这世界上的那一刻起...
Fai, Alvin and me also participated a Chinese short film competition called ZOOM, which the theme is HOME.
Well, it's a tough and tragic production. We spent a lot money, time and spirit to do it.
Sigh. At the end, we didn't get any prize.
Actually I feel very bu shuang, cause the judger critique us doing a meaningless music video.
WTF?!!! We put a lot of HONEST and EFFORTS to make this video. They felt we are not honest enough to do this film?!!!
But nevermind, at least our video is the most viewed in YouTube and many people cried for it.
We should proud of what we doing.

SALAM BENUA wrote by Usman Awang
We are so proud that we perform it as a citizen!!!
With Marion guiding us, we did a great performance on the Teacher Appreciation Day in MPH.
Movement and text, is not an easy task.
After discussion with Marion at the first two classes on the poem.
We can feel the anger of the poem, the expression of Usman Awang. It's so strong!

After this inspired performance and the BERSIH rally happened in Malaysia.
Anne took some of us to go to perform in URBANSCAPE 2011 at the end of this semester.
We added in others elements like NegaraKu. And we have many YELLOW colors!!!
This performance moved many audience. I heard that's a cry desperately after watching us.
And when I go to talk to audience, which is also a part of performance, they were like, smiling and nodding their head.
A Change Is Gonna Come (also my blog song). The title of our performance, we believe that a change is gonna come, to us, Malaysia.
I'm not a political discussion kind of people.
But after Marion and Anne plus Bersih. I become more aware of it.
Even all my classmates, they are like mad on it ==

Honestly, I'm not quite good in drawing or do anything hand art =.=
I only have the idea, but finding a right person to demonstrate your idea through their drawing art, it's hard.
In my Goldilocks and Three Bears, it's a shinny outlook but a dark evil inside. Hehhehheh X)
I like this subject, I means I learned many stuffs not just only how to design your production but also some manners in film industry that only taught by Yee I Lann but not others lecturers.

SOUNDSCAPE group assignment that I did with Irena, Khalida, Queen, Norman, Rhea and Krystie.
We have no arguments but suggestions. We moved forward in every rehearsal.
And we learn many kind of soundscape. In the PET SHOP =.=

Greek chorus from a play, MEDEA. It's about a woman who mad on love until she killed his own chidren.
Oh Woman! Love's slave! What sorrow you have brought to humankind!
We have 4 part of chorus, me and my group got the last part.
Haha. Fai, Shanice, Queen, Ruby and me. The 1st preview we were the best group.
Then after this preview, every group become 心机重, they rehearse and rehearse.
In the final, they made all of us SHOCK! Every group is so good and nice!
It's a positive competition, I like the way we grown up and learn from each other.

SOLO POEM. I'm not good enough. I didn't rehearse =.=
I think my idea is good but I'm not enjoy it. It's about 1Malaysia.
My mouth is not opening yet. Sigh.

Audio Visual Production. Fai, Alvin, Fish, Jerome, Belle and me made a documentary about Sunway University's parking issue.
The title is FULL.
The experience is good and memorable. The feeling of successful at the end is great :)
Brenda told us that we should proud of our work.
That's why our video is the only one being chosen to screen in department.

23th to 25th of June. We have our first class trip to Singapore, the BROADCAST ASIA 2011.
It's load of fun and excitement. We enjoy it.
And the advanced technology that we never seen before, we got the chance to see it.
It's just TOO TOO TOO advanced at a moment that we think that we will never reach it in Malaysia.

DIRECTING THE CAMERA class by Imri. It's deep and reflective.
The 2 videos I shot really reflect myself. "Where Are We?" and "It's My Space".
The last video we did in group, Fai, Fish, Alvin, Jerome and me. AGAIN =.=
Haha. We did the Truman Show last scene where the Truman deciding to leave the world he used to live. Title is ESCAPE.
We changed it to something like Infernal Affair 无间道. It's cool and we made it!

WORLD CINEMA is not quite a good memory. Haha! I means, it's ok ok only.
Me and Jerome did a presentation on the genre of THRILLER. It's boring though.
China Town V.S. Se7en. Nevermind =.=

La Voce Choir 爱韵合唱团 went for Muar to continue our tour concert that called 巴生河的回响 II.
Everytime we went for a tour concert, it's an experience.
Although some of us left us but I really wish that you all still remember us.
The choir is not only belong to us, the KL people. It's YOURS also, Klang people.
If you don't care about it, then, just let it die. Please do care!

I'm here to help JunLi's mummy again with their drama show.
This time is 孝道. Which directed by JunLi's mummy also.
I like their Chinese pronunciation and the expression of their words.
I think this drama show moved many audiences because the topic is so related to everyone.
I personally like the last scene where the little girl helps her mummy 洗脚.
As a back stage crew, I didn't learn much things but I met many friends :)
在越糟糕的情况下,你成长的才越快. I agree with it.
I means we didn't have a well plan from the SM, so we did it ourselves.
And I love XIAO MA YI so much! He is such a polite, smart and cute boy!

Well, it's a big step for me. I never thought that I can get a main role cause I'm still new.
Really thanks Jia Ying given me the chance :)
Jia Ying Gan is a talented musician I personally think, all of her songs is so catchy and nice.
And she is still YOUNG! That's the point! Haha XD
Looking forward to her next production and her future :)
From the start till the end, I experienced A LOT, it's A LOT.
Any kind of emotions you can imagine, it happened to me.
Any kind of pressure you can imagine, it happened to me.
Because I never get a big role and I need to perform it to public!
Honestly the main pressure is come from: I'm sick and tired of my own lousy boring voice and also the reputation of Jia Ying in this industry.
I really don't want to spoilt anythings. Especially others people things.
In a positive way, I learned A LOT of things that I never knew before I join this musical.
I'm glad and touch that I'm part of it :)
I want to thanks everyone in the musical production and also everyone who came to watch and everyone who support me in different ways.
I THANK YOU GUYS! And I promise, I will grow in the future :)



And I started my 驻唱 in Xuan Music Cafe.
I had 2 training days. It's really enjoying :)
But my high note and fake voice, still cannot.
Alan teacher and Yi Fen are really great singer!!!
I still have a lot to learn.

I think that's all about in this semester.
Of course there are many little happenings also which I didn't write down.
Thanks for reading my blog and showing your concern and care.
I do appreciate all of it :)
I'm still fine here, no worry!
And I'm sorry if my busyness and overwhelming time management influenced the relationship between me and you.
I'm sorry, I didn't want it to happen also but I have no choice T.T
Thanks and see you next semester :)

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