Wednesday, 8 December 2010

D.P.A 2010 SEM 2

This semester is really amazing! I can't find a best word to describe!
But, yeah! Amazing!

Ladies & Gentlemen! Welcome to my space...

Firstly, I want to say, this semester really make me stress.
Yet, I enjoy the stress. Look at my calendar! I can't even breath for some weeks!

Crazy, Messy, Yet Punctuality

Well. It's quite an experience.
My seniors would just tell me: "You have no idea about what is BUSY!"
Then I shut my mouth up.

In this semester, I really found my department's people interesting.
My classmates, my seniors and my lecturers!
I can't believe that I really love the time to be with them.
Even my class, which used to be like a falling apart sand, now we have found a string to gather and to unite ourselves.

Gah~ The First Full Attendance Group Photo

This semester, I'm so lucky that I chosen by my Superseniors to act in their graduation work.
The film Da Bao. As a Father. I really learned a lot from them.
From rehearsal until the shooting, it's really an unforgettable time for me.
I enjoy the time to be with you guys, superseniors!
Thanks for give me the chance to enjoy the "Moment of George Crooney". Haha XD

Superseniors's Graduation Film - Da Bao

As I acted a Father in . People started to recognize me as a Father character.
That's why also my Seniors, find me to act in their AVVP project.
CD, my dai lou becomes my Son, haha! It's funny! We NG so many times. Haha XD

Sound & Image. This subject is also a main subject for us.
Cause we can shoot a 3 minutes short video! It's excited.
As I got into a very good team work group, we're satisfy with the result we came out with.
Fai as Director   Ameer as Cinematographer
Me as Editor   Alvin as Art Director    Wing as Sound Designer
We work very well. And I assume that our video Stalk is the best in our class. Proud!
Special thanks to Shanice, Bryan, Keilly and Edward.


Another subject I focus much is Acting & Characterization.
The Crucible. It's really cool with all the conflicts and characteristic inside every character.
I acted as John Proctor, with Queen acted as Elizabeth. We're fantastic!
Annes said that we created a very well atmosphere and full of emotions!
Edward also said that we're the best group presentation.
Yet, my speech is bad. But Annes said my emotions is really really good!
Yeah! I'm quite satisfy with the character I build up.
 I have very strong John Proctor's inner conflicts in myself. I even cries twice when playing this character.

The Crucible

Besides, I also did something crazy in my college!

Indoo Mee

I ate Indoo Mee everyday!

This Is Cool

This Is Cool promoting department video competition.
Crazy shooting in 15minutes and 1 hour editing.
Hopefully can get People Choice Award XD

SUN-U Choir

SUN-U Choir which I created with Belle. It's a success! We have beautiful and warm voice!
Finally got a Vocal coach teaching us now.
First performance in Graduation Ceremony. Gained many praises from people.
Looking forward to next performance! ROCCKKS!

Cell Block Tango Guys

Cell Block Tango in Open Space Performance
So hot and sexy~ Never thought that I can dance so well :)
Besides, March 2010 Intake, we are awesome!

I love my department.
Yet, I also did something outside my school.

6th World Choir Game

6th World Choir Game held in Shao Xing, China.
It's really a meaning and unforgettable experience.
For learning art people, I suggest that we should really step out from Malaysia.
You will find how amazing is the world's art is.
I can't express more here, cause I don't know how to express, you have to experience it yourself!
Oh yeah, La Voce Choir won Gold Medal in Folk Song Category, listed No. 6 around the world! It's a success!


I also helping in a children teenage drama show. 儿童观赏剧 - 一起来环保
I didn't help a lot but just pressing the slide show, haha!
But the experience was good! Can earn many money also!


I took part in a drama competition held by Dramatic Society. (It's a historical chinese drama society)
Shi Min, as my best actor, help me act in my self written play 为什么死的不是她
She won 演员优秀奖 (Outstanding Actor).
I won 导演银奖 (Best Director - Silver Medal)
It's a surprise for me. Although I'm quite happy, but I have to improve myself in many ways.

Just a little

In this semester, I watched a lot of performances. A lot, it's a lot, remember.
My money T.T
The best are [Casa] & [1Sexy 1Money 1Scandal]
These two theater shows are awesome! It's so lucky that Malaysia have them.

KL Road Trip by Five BackPack

And I just back from KL Road Trip which presented by Five BackPack.
It's a much much experience for me. Unforgettable also.
As we used to live in KL, but do you ever visit it with a foreign's point of view?
Do you ever sleep in a dorm with two others foreign girls from Switzerland?
Hi! I'm Ethan Ian! I'm from Taiwan! Nice to meet you!

Me and Shanice

I think I'm writing too much.
Hope you guys get to know what am I doing in these few months.
I just want to say that I'm FINE!!! No worry!!!
Hope also you're :)   See you!


joyous Zhen said...

After seeing and reading all of this,
I have a feeling like,
I really wanna study PERFORMING ART!!!!!!!
I wanna join you guys!!

So may I know the next intake for new students is on March 2011 ??

Kien said...

yea yea.. we just finished the university open day. you shud come another open day in March.

ya. our course new intake is on MARCH 2011.