Wednesday, 7 July 2010

D.P.A 2010 Erg!

Erg! Seriously, I didn't realize the time passing so fast.
It had been 3 months and I succeed to survive in this course, Diploma in Performing & Arts (DPA) at Sunway University College.
I remembered the first time I stepped into the RTT, I was frighten to face all the "English people".
Hope you guys remember the "I'm Yours" that I sang at the orientation day, please keep it as my sign.
Fortunately, all the lecturers, seniors and classmates are kind, they helped a lot in improving my English.
I did enjoy the course, I learned a lot, not just the knowledge and the experience of stage, theatre or filming,
and also the social network, the communication between people.

I do remember the birthday song and the hugging section from you guys.
It's really surprising xD

And the messy stuffs around our classroom that full-filled with our talents.
You guys seriously can sing, thanks those who join our SUN-U Choir, we all did a good job!

Also the smelly foods and our gossip during classes.
Poor lecturers, sometime we all are dreaming.

In between, we did some good jobs!

The Ice Cream Predator by Keilly, Sam, Alvin, Belle, Ruby and Me.
Leng Lui~ Leng Lui~ Can you help to pick up my wallet please~

Helping seniors for their own film, Sunway Drift.
POLICE! POLICE! That is only two words for my line xD

Pagi Lawan, Malam Kawan by Keilly, Sam, Alvin, Belle, Ruby and Me.
You went there because of that guy! You like him! You're sleeping with him!
That's why you wanted to go!!!

Polaroid Camera Commercial by Queen, Jerome, Krystie and Me.
The most economical shooting team. Capture every moment of surprise!

Acting and Improvisations by Puay Tin , Zalfian and Marion D'Cruz (Cool Marion!)
Video Tools by Imri, Rajesh, Azyml and Sow Yee
Script Analysis by Raymond
Thought and Writing by Azyml
Media and Communications by Ray
Theatre Theory and History by Raymond
Thanks a lot for all the lecturers, we learned a lot from you ^^

Especially Raymond and Ray, though you two are leaving. Sigh.

Raymond, you know that I love you so much, why must you go?
I want you to see me grow, I want you to teach me how to write a good script.
I want your Musical Theatre too! You're mean! Not giving cooperation too, in the photo.

And Ray. The sign, the representation the real, the ways of seeing.
You taught us how to see the world with different perspectives.
It's really cool! We all enjoyed your lectures.

Well. The first semester is over.
Yet we still have a long way to run.
Guys! GO GO GO! We have the same dream and destination.

Yesh! We all love performing xD

See you next semester! Erg!

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